After a successful era of Team Evolution Concepts we were able to experience the highs and lows of becoming one of Canada's trend setters for the aftermarket industry.

We are still one of the teams talked about today.

The things you see at a car show today...we did it years ago. Even spawning into the EVO Empire!

Now for the next stage in Evolution we are proud to bring you...EvoCon ORIGINALS.

Despite the name, we are ALL NEW and this time We're not just about the vehicles and the shows but also about the CREW! The importance of this crew is the bond between you and your fellow members. the interests and camaraderie that bind us, making us not just a crew...but a FAMILY.With the arrival of EvoCon ORIGINALS, we want to emphasize on the family values of a crew. The interests and camaraderie that bind us, making us not just a crew...but a FAMILY.

Sure you hear this from every club and team out there but we are the truth. Being the largest car club, having the sickest ride isn’t going to cut it for us anymore. This time it is all about the family. It’s all about supporting each other at any event important to a member.

Building this new crew is going to be an experience.

Yes you may see us at the next event or you may not…The important part is that we are there for each other and I promise you will eventually know who we are.


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About Me

As most people in this Industry's background originated, I grew up with cars all around me. In 1993 began competing in Car Audio Competitions in and around Toronto. After succeeding at several competitions I acquired my first local sponsor in 1994. After achieving that my next goal was my first Car Audio company sponsorship late 1995 and then competed for the following 3 years. In 2000 I was approached by a couple of friends to start our own car club. Team Evolution Concepts was born in 2001. The club for many years had grown in popularity so fast we were leaders in the Industry for 10 years, breaking show records and taking almost all hardware home. The club originally started in Toronto and morphed into Ottawa, Montreal and into the USA. After 11 years in the show industry I felt it was time to close that chapter. I had retired from the Industry all together.

In 2013 I was convinced after slowly getting back in the industry in a other life (as a D.J. for events) I was challenged to come back fully into the car club scene. This time as the only Original left. ....hence EvoCon Originals was born.